Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Elena loves gum and occasionally if she is good we will split a piece with her. Well one day she decided that half a piece just wasn't good enough. So she decided to sneak off with the pack. It wasn't until after she got in trouble that I realized that this was such a picture perfect moment!!


LisaB said...

Oh good I was beginning to think you had fallen off the face of the earth. Your place looks great. I am really happy for you. Come see me a the Yellow Daisy Festival this weekend!!! Love you bunches!!

Brittany Mecham said...

okay so i guess she wasn't in that much trouble cause that smile says she's quite happy she got he gum! glad you got that on camera, so cute! love and miss you guys!! oh and this girl just moved into the ward here and she totally reminds me of you it making me "amber hungry" :) :) ha ha miss ya

Quinn and Ang said...

Cute pictures! Carson is getting into doing all those things too...its a lot of fun. Your place looks great! Hope you are doing well!!